Wild Crabapple Scent


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Wild Crabapples are a food deer live on during the late fall. These sour green apples release a strong fragrance that deer are  very familiar with and search out. My Wild Crabapple Scent duplicates this fragrance and is great for a cover scent as well as an attractant.

How To Use: Hang BuckPads (BK-185 & 195) soaked with Wild Crabapple Scent onto low hanging tree limbs. Use cotton balls saturated with Wild Crabapple Scent and dab them on objects near your hunt position. The resulting fragrance in the air will help cover your presence. Wild Crabapple Scent can also be used when storing hunting clothes.

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1.25 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle), 3 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle)


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