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Successful hunters have been writing to us, by the hundreds, testifying about the sex-driving abilities and the effectiveness of TrailmakerLure.  I’ve known for a long time that deer find each other by trailing the scent, from the interdigital gland secretions. That’s the not-so-secret ingredient of TrailMaker, and to the best of my knowledge, I am the only lure manufacturer that produces this type of attractant.  Combined with pheromones from a doe just starting estrous, and a few other pheromone solutions, even the big, smart bucks find TrailMaker Lure irresistible.

How to use:

Away from your stand or hunt location, place TrailMaker Lure Liquid or Gel-Paste on Foot Pads, then walk to your stand position. Remember to always wear rubber soled boots to avoid detection of human odor by the deer.  TrailMaker is excellent for making an enticing scent trail to your stand.  Carry a bottle of TrailMaker liquid in your hand, when making an attracting trail, occasionally (every fifth step) putting out a drop of lure on a fallen leaf.

TrailMaker Buck Crystals can be conveniently sprinkled out for a long lasting attractant.

Proven effective by successful hunters repeatedly.  Try a proven method of trail-laying with TrailMaker Lure!

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1.25 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle), 16 oz. (Glass Bottle), 16 oz. (Plastic Bottle), 2 oz. Crystals (Plastic Bottle), 2 oz. Jell Paste (Plastic Bottle), 3 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. (Glass Bottle), 4 oz. (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. Crystals (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. Jell Paste (Plastic Bottle), 8 oz. (Glass Bottle), 8 oz. (Plastic Bottle)


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