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Some areas have banned the use of natural deer urine’s while hunting. Unbelievable results was the reaction while running tests with my domesticated deer. After spending extensive tests we are introducing products that are as effective as urine based lures  We call it Synthetic Plus formulas with additional wild animal pheromones,interdigital gland secretions and a special female sex hormone that makes it HOT. A triple whammy, that will outwit a rut crazy buck.Roam Synthetic Plus will attract bucks during the rut by using the strong sense of attracting smell if the buck doesn’t, pick up your odor.

How to Use: Always wear rubber soled boots to restrain human odor making contact to the ground. Simply attach Bob Kirschner FootPads to boots; place liquid Roam Synthetic Plus Lure in your hand when making an attracting tail, occasionally (every fifth step) putting out a drop of lure on a fallen leaf. Aromatize your stand area by hanging BuckPads saturated (approx. 1/2 teaspoon) with lure onto low tree limbs or bush branches. Roam Synthetic Plus Lure Gel-Paste can be placed on the bark of trees or on over hanging branch with wool BuckPads. Position Roam Synthetic Plus Lure in opportune location for a shot. The new Roam Synthetic Plus Lure Buck Crystals can be placed on a scrape for a long lasting attractant plus the crystals will absorb any guest urine that comes along. To get the extra edge when in your stand squirt a little mist of Roam Synthetic Plus Lure liquid in the air by holding the bottle upright and squeezing the sides of the bottle. You’ll get a shot of a roaming buck. “I Guarantee it!”

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1.25 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle), 16 oz. (Glass Bottle), 16 oz. (Plastic Bottle), 2 oz. Crystals (Plastic Bottle), 2 oz. Jell Paste (Plastic Bottle), 3 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. (Glass Bottle), 4 oz. (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. Crystals (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. Jell Paste (Plastic Bottle), 8 oz. (Glass Bottle), 8 oz. (Plastic Bottle)


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