Rutting Lure


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During the rutting season a full strength sex-driving attractant is exceptionally effective. This special mixture of pheromone solution with doe in estroes cycle secretions make Rutting Type Lure the choice that results in many a successful hunts. Rutting type Lure draws bucks like honey draws bees. During your hunt you sport bucks with swollen necks or you see natural scrapes near thickets; its time to put our Rutting Type Lure into service.

HOW TO USE: As with other lures, you can saturate foot pads and make a simulated trail to your stand. But placing BuckPads soaked with Rutting type Lure around your position is highly recommended. During tests successful stand hunters have simply squirted Rutting Type Lure directly to the ground from the stand when they’ve spotted a buck at a distance. All things in consideration; wind direction, human odor minimized, undisturbed surroundings… Rutting Type gets results! The Rutting Type Gel-Paste can be placed on the bark of trees, on over hanging branch with wool BuckPads. The new Rutting Type Buck Crystals can be conveniently sprinkled out neat stand for a long lasting attractant. Suggest giving Rutting Type Lure a try during the rut. 

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1.25 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle), 16 oz. (Glass Bottle), 16 oz. (Plastic Bottle), 2 oz. Crystals (Plastic Bottle), 2 oz. Jell Paste (Plastic Bottle), 3 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. (Glass Bottle), 4 oz. (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. Crystals (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. Jell Paste (Plastic Bottle), 8 oz. (Glass Bottle), 8 oz. (Plastic Bottle)


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