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Mimic Scrape, as the name suggests, is a lure used when making a fake or mock breeding scrape. To make a fake breeding scrape, with anticipation that bucks and doe will visit, you need a lure that has full strength pheromone solutions that stimulate a natural breeding scrape. MimicScrape ¬†Lure fills that need. MimicScrape has everything you would find in a natural scrape; interdigital gland secretions, buck and doe urine, tarsal gland, pre-obital gland secrations, estrous of doe, and more. When you see sugestions of interest in breeding, such as scrapes, bucks with swollen necks, doe running from bucks… it’s a good time to make a mimic scrape and a good time to use MImicScrape Lure.

HOW TO USE: Always use rubber gloves and rubber bottomed footwear to eliminate human odor. Paw away leaves and branches just as a buck would do ; make it very visible, then scatter throughout the scrape approximately 1/2 oz. of MimicScrape Lure. Using SilverTop on foot¬†pads make a trail to the mimic scrape then a short trail leaving the scrape towards your stand on the upwind side. Position your stand 20-30 yards yards downwind in an elevated position. Don’t be too surprised with the successful results. I’ve seen it work many times. The MimicScrape Gel-Paste can be placed on the bark of trees, over hanging branch near a scrape or on wool BuckPads near stand. The new MimicScrape Buck Crystals can be placed on a scrape for a long lasting attractant plus the crystals will absorb any guest urine that comes along. And also, try placing MimicScrape Lure or Mimic Crystals in a deer’s bed. They will turn into a natural scrape.

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1.25 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle), 16 oz. (Glass Bottle), 16 oz. (Plastic Bottle), 2 oz. Crystals (Plastic Bottle), 2 oz. Jell Paste (Plastic Bottle), 3 oz. Liquid (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. (Glass Bottle), 4 oz. (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. Crystals (Plastic Bottle), 4 oz. Jell Paste (Plastic Bottle), 8 oz. (Glass Bottle), 8 oz. (Plastic Bottle)


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