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Our new Earth Clothing Deodorizer Spray is what the hunters have been waiting for…The masking scent of fresh earth plus a quick and easy spray odor eliminator. A chemical bond process that takes away odors (human, domestic, animal, etc.) and after penetrating into your hunting clothes, prevents odor reoccurance for hours. When you work up a sweat in the field, Bob Kirschner’s Earth Clothing Deodorizer will activate and destroy perspiration odors plus give you a scent of fresh earth.

HOW TO USE: Simply spray full strength full strength onto clothing and let dry. Carry the convenient 3 oz. spray bottle with you into field and spray on clothing before getting into stand. This will eliminate any unwanted odors from the trip into the woods. Unlike other enzyme/bacteria based products, our Clothing Deodorizer Spray remains effective when used with soaps. Therefore it maybe used when washing clothes without losing it’s power. Add one to two fluid ounces per rinse load and gain the edge. Safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, biodegradable with the scent of fresh earth.

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Clothing Deodorizer Spray

Earth Scent, Natural Scent

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