4 Pack of Oozers


Slow and steady sent application.



Slow and steady scent atomizers

Quick… Easy… Special features

  • Simply remove the hanging cap insert liquid lure.
  • Hang OOZERS on tree branch and let it work.
  • Convenient size OOZER 1/2″ Dia. and 6

Step 1:

Simply remove the hanging cap and fill up the Oozer with your favorite Kirschner liquid lure or scent.

Step 2:

Pull gently down on the bottom cap to expose the wick to air. As the scent evaporates more lure will slowly travel down into the wick, keeping a steady supply of enticing aroma released into the air.

Step 3:

For easy storage simply push the two caps on tightly and store in a plastic bag for the next hunt.


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