About Bob Kirschner

Bob Kirschner

Bob Kirschner was born in Pennsylvania, and his roots were cultivated at a very young age to gain his understandings of wild animals. Deer hunts, trap lines, rabbit hounds, wild animals, and country air were a major part of his adolescent years and continue to be today.  Scouting, studying and hunting the Whitetail deer is his greatest satisfaction.  Although Bob has made the time to attend 18 years of night school, receiving a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and three other degrees, his thirst for knowledge of the great outdoors still remains strong.

Bob Kirschner has been a respectable sportsman and hunter for many years.  His achievements are legend, particularly in bowhunting.  When he harvested a 450 lb. black bear, on an Ontario hunt, he was given a congratulatory handshake by the distinguished Fred Bear.  Bob is a regular Member of: Pennsylvania Outdoor Writer Association, Pennsylvania Deer Association, United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania, Pope & Young Club, and Professional Bowhunters Society.  He has several bow harvested animals in the P. & Y. record books including Whitetails, Black Bear, Cougar, and Antelope.  He has harvested tiger shark, bull elk, big mule deer bucks, and 50 Trophy Whitetails while bowhunting.  As an active sportsman, he has had many articles appear in national publications.  He has won several awards from the Pope and Young Club and North American Bowhunter for photography.  You can see Bob featured in several Quest Production bowhunting videos such as Backyard Bucks, Buck Quest, One on One, River Bottom Whitetails, Buck Alley, and Hog Heaven.  Recently, Bob Kirschner Production Co. has released six videos, “The Smell of Success”, “Bucks with a Bow”, “Springing into Bow Season”, “Falling into Bow Season”, “Quebec Canada-Aventure”, and “Bowhunting Beards and Bucks”.  He has written and published books on the skills of bowhunting and has formulated many pheromone solutions of deer lure and attractants.  He raises whitetail deer in order to collect quality urine to make attracting lure.  His company, Bob Kirschner Deer Lure Co., offers only items that he has used and approved satisfactory.  He never compromises with quality and backs up his complete product line with a 100% guarantee.  Anytime, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, you may return your purchase for a full refund.  He stakes his reputation on it!  There is no better guarantee anywhere, and there is no better-manufactured lure and attractant products.